UltraZone UV-C + Ozone Spa Sanitiser

$900.00 inc GST

UltraZone UV-C and Bo3 Corona Discharge ozone Spa Sanitiser unit.

UltraZone combines ozone and UV-C sterilisation technology.

This unit works by the ozone gas being generated then injected and mixed into the UV chamber. The UV then reacts with the ozone to create a powerful oxidiser to burn off unwanted organic matter, the result is crystal clear and clean water. 

Dimensions: Length – 350mm x Height – 160mm x Depth – 85mm

Ozone output is 50mg/hr and requires a minimum flow of 14LPM and max of 75LPM.

240V 50/60Hz 140mA 32watts.

The unit has an LED indicator:

Green LED Signals Ozone and UV operating normally

Flashing Yellow LED Signals UV-C Lamp needs replacement

Red LED Signals Non-operational