Spa Magic 1L

$59.00 inc GST

Spa Magic- Natural Spa Conditioner

How do enzymes work? Enzymes are large mainly protein molecules that are found in all cells essential to life and act as catalysts of biochemical reactions in all living organisms.  Enzymes are specific in what they attack.  The enzymes solution in Spa Magic consists of natural enzymes suspended in magnetically charged agar solution which bonds and encapsulates contaminates and converts them into carbon dioxide and water, they also remove scum, oils and hard water deposits which helps stop corrosion.

How long do they last? Unlike chlorine and bromine Spa Magic does not evaporate or oxidize with use, it stays in the water continually digesting contaminates for up to eight months.

Do we still need to use chlorine or bromine? Yes, Australian standards require a presence of bromine or chlorine in your spa.

Will we save on the amount of chlorine and bromine required to maintain your spa? Yes.  The enzyme presence in your spa continually digests contaminants which saves you hundreds of dollars on chlorine/bromine.

Do we still need to use other chemicals for pH adjustment? The pH balance is determined mostly by contaminants that enter the water supply, for example, soap residues, dead skin cells, fertilizers, human waste, etc.  These contaminants cause pH fluctuations, which requires continuous chemical additives in order to resume a balanced pH.  By having enzymes permanently in the water digesting contaminants the need to constantly add chemicals to adjust the Ph is reduced.

Is there a natural way to adjust pH? Yes.  To raise the pH use baking soda, to lower pH use acetic acid (white vinegar) or citric acid (lemon juice).

Will Spa Magic enzymes improve water quality of our spa? Yes.  Recent tests show an improvement of 70-80% on micro biological quality with enzymes present in the water.

Are Spa Magic enzymes safe? Yes it is 100% safe to humans, plants and animals.  They are non-toxic and non-irritating to skin and mucous membranes with absolutely no adverse effect on the environment, no warning labels are required.

How will we benefit by using Spa Magic enzymes? By using Spa Magic enzymes, the need for chemicals in your spa water is dramatically reduced.  These toxic chemicals are harsh, and harmful to skin, eyes and mucous membranes.  At high water temperatures these chemicals can be absorbed into open skin pores and chemical vapours can be inhaled into the blood stream.  Spa Magic enzymes will leave skin feeling smooth and conditions spa water the natural way.

Are Spa Magic enzymes compatible with ozonation, ionisation, and other conditioning systems? Yes.

Is there an ideal scenario for optimum enzyme performance? Yes.  Have your water temperature at 20-40 degrees Celsius and filtration running for 2 hours daily as a minimum.


*Public Notice re Spa Magic. We have not had a price increase for over 10 years but the increase in our raw materials and freight have meant we will be increasing the price of 1 litre spa magic by 10% to $59. Effective from January 8th 2024