Oasis Swim Spa Filter Cartridge – Lower filter for swim spas with 200 sq filtration system

$60.00 inc GST

Oasis Spas Filter Cartridge – 1 Lower filter

Product Parameters:

Length(Height): 210mm

Diameter(Width): 148.6mm

Top: Open

Bottom: Open

Filter Media: High efficiency filter media


This is a genuine Oasis Spas filter. Our filters are designed for easy replacement and installation that makes caring for your spa or swim spa easy.

This filter is recommended for use on the following models:

AS series :

Oasis 4.0 Pro Platinum

Oasis 4.0 Elite Platinum

Oasis 4.4 Pro Platinum

Oasis 4.4 Elite Platinum

Oasis 5.5 Pro Platinum

Oasis 5.5 Elite Platinum

Oasis 5.9 Duo Pro Platinum

Oasis 5.9 Duo Elite Platinum

ASW series :

Oasis 5.5 ED Pro Platinum

Oasis 5.5 ED Elite Platinum

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