Gecko in.grid

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he Gecko in.grid system interface has two functions.

  • It efficiently keeps your spa water warm by using and synchronizing alternative heat sources, such as your heat pump, central heating system or gas heating. The in.grid offers five heating modes: “off”, “internal”, “external”, “simultaneous” and “intelligent”, which help you to make the most of your external heat source to optimize your savings.
  • in.grid allows has four ports to connect in.k110 auxiliary buttons, which you can configure to control different elements of your spa.

The in.grid is compatible with Gecko Y-series control systems, such as the or It connects to the CO port on the control system, and has its own CO port so that you can daisy-chain other Gecko modules that use this interface.

Width: 140 mm
Height: 130 mm
Thickness: 47 mm

Plugs and connections
Connected to the CO port of the control system via its connector, the in.grid allows you to connect up to four in.k110 buttons to the dedicated white ports to manage the different elements of your spa. A purple CO port allows you to connect another accessory, the in.touch 2 for example.



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