AeWare IN.YE-5 control box includes 3 kw heater

$1,800.00 inc GST

Gecko Aeware IN.YE-5 3kw Controller Only

Touchpad sold separately 

IN.YE-5 240volt Output Sockets
CIRC PUMP: Circulation Pump
PUMP 1: 1Spd Pump or 2Spd Pump
PUMP 2: 1Spd Pump or 2Spd Pump
PUMP 3: 1Spd Pump
PUMP 4: 1Spd Pump
BLOWER: Blower
O3: This outlet is only to be used with an ozone system

IN.YE-5 Low Voltage 
1 x Touchpad Outlet
1 x Light
2 x Communication Links (AUX touchpad/In.Touch)

IN.YE-5 Features
*In heater temp sensor
*Max Temp 40 degrees
*Adjustable Filtration
*Heat Pump Interface
*Wifi Interface

Controller Specifications                                        Controller Dimensions
Heater Wattage: 3000w                                             Length: 498mm
Max Current: 48amp                                                  Height: 340mm
Power Lead: Hard Wired                                           Width: 115mm
Power Lead Length: N/A                                           Weight: 3.8Kg
Heater Unions: 50mm

To be fitted by qualified electrician or spa technician only. We will not be liable for incorrect installation, damage or injury caused by unqualified person installing this part

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